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While I was burned out I was dealing with periods of extreme anxiety and feeling like I had no more goals in life.
One day my boyfriend told me about a hobby his colleague had. She made diamond paintings and the activity in itself was very stress relieving for her.
He thought that it might be something for me. I was open to try anything at this point and so he bought me my first diamond painting. I was immediately sold! I finished it in only two weeks.
He bought me a few more that were easy to make. And with every painting my anxiety became less and less. I had a new way of coping with everything and I felt way more relaxed then before I started.

©Ariangela My first diamond paintings
©Ariangela My first diamond paintings

After a couple of months I decided to order higher quality paintings through a national website. When I found out that you could get them custom made, I got even more excited. Now I was able to use my time and make a custom painting for someone else. For christmas last year I even made christmas cards of which I'm sure nobody threw away, because they looked amazing.

©Ariangela A custom painting
©Ariangela A custom painting

My mom always looks at me in astonishment when I finish a diamond painting in a few weeks. Especially since I'm not always home. But the more you practise, the more your skills develop and you automatically work faster.
I often make them while listening to music or watching Netflix. And I'm afraid to admit that sometimes I even do it while talking to my boyfriend on videochat haha! But he doesn't mind.

I'm very grateful to have such a rewarding hobby that let's me be creative and help me during my anxious moments. My hands used to shake all the time because I would literally hold my tension there. But nowadays I'm doing much better.

©Ariangela  Higher quality painting
©Ariangela Higher quality painting

Being able to stand at the beginning of any task, work on it and see the end result is so rewarding.
I can imagine that it looks very intimidating to have to put these tiny dots or squares on a large canvas. But being able to constantly see the progress you've made with every hour is so fulfilling. Just start small and take it step by step, just like in real life. And once you finish, it really feels like an amazing accomplishment.


So if you would like to try out diamond painting for yourself start with a small one, just to see if it's for you.
But consider yourself warned, it's highly addicting!

Talk to you soon!

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