The Insanity Of Humanity

 Casey Horner
Casey Horner

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We are living in times where it's easy to be swept away by our emotions and those of other people. Everyone seems to be outraged about something and relationships are being torn apart over personal opinions. The horrible part is that everyone thinks they are acting that way, from the goodness of their heart. But how good of a person are you, if you're hateful towards someone else?

Instead of choosing to come together and get better as humankind, we keep choosing to deflect our responsibilities and put the blame on other people. We can see the pattern all through history. According to our point of view, we try to shame the people we love into doing better.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness
So why do we risk everything just to curse someone out. To make them feel bad, make them feel less than. Nothing is ever black or white, yet we act like those are the only two options.

You might think that calling someone out is a righteous act, and that it will activate them to change. But the only thing you are actually changing is your own chemistry. You are becoming more a part of the mass of people who spew hate, while becoming less and less like your true self.

Don't get me wrong, a difference of opinion is important.
But the moment you deny, threaten, or wish ill on someone else based on their opinion, you've lost.
You are losing the good that is inside of you.
Of course, no one is fully good, and no one has to be. But if you lose your humanity, you won't be able to be in touch with the world or with yourself.

We ask ourselves how wars are even possible. How large groups of people are mistreated or suppressed by other groups of people. It starts with wishing ill on other people. That act itself, poisons you. Decease starts to creep into your body. And day after day you keep repeating the same patterns of thinking, eventually brainwashing yourself in believing other people are the enemy.
You've now lost the ability to alter history, since it always repeats itself. The thoughts you have now, are the same others had when they fought each other in past wars. They believed it was good what they did. That's the insane part of humanity. Doing and speaking evil things, while believing that we are the good ones.
If we continue living outside of ourselves, minding the business of other people and believing everything we think or are being told. We will end up destroying ourselves long before this world ends.

"Every time we send hate into the atmosphere, we become more distant from ourselves." - Ariangela

How to make an insane world, sane again
So what can we do to heal our humanity?
You have to catch yourself in the act of judging, each time. Catch the anger that starts to rise when you read or hear something that has nothing to do with you. Catch yourself before saying or typing something negative.
Change happens one person at a time, and you are the only person you can change.
Not repeating historic events, happens one person at a time.

Why your purpose is important
We look for outside forces to provide us with a purpose in life. We search the internet and read books to find our purpose, which is actually quite simple: to be the purest version of yourself. There, you found it.

If everyone would focus on their own journey's, there would be significantly less hate in the world. Now we would be able to sympathize with each other. We would be aware of the fact that the struggle is a part of life and most of the time it isn't someone else's fault. And we would have the power and responsibility over our lives back. We would be able to support each other and build flourishing communities.

Everything comes from you. If you're living the best version of yourself, it will impact your children, and everyone else that is within your radiance. But you have to be willing to confront yourself. Not in a self-degrading way, but with self-awareness.
Certain illnesses, pain and hate could be eradicated in just a few generations, if we did the work. So really focus on your own path, and watch positivity spread like wildfire in your community.

Talk to you soon!

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