12 ways to make the most out of the new year

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©Andrew Bui

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Hey guys,
Finally, we've entered the last month of this year. We had a long year of battling disease, each other, ourselves and high levels of anxiety.
Now that 2022 is knocking at our door, the anxiety about what that year is going to be like, can be overwhelming.
As someone who strongly dislikes New years, I've made a list that hopefully sparks hope and excitement for the new year.

1. Start your new years resolutions now
Yes, now.
Listen, we all know that waiting for January 1st, to make drastic changes in our lives, isn't going to last the whole year. Let alone the whole month.
That's why you should take your time to set a realistic goal for yourself and break it down into small steps. The smaller, the better.
To change a habit, you have to make the change so subtle, you barely notice it. Keep adding a step every week and before you know it, you have a brand new habit.

2. Shift your focus
This is your life, and there is absolutely no need to feel miserable about things you can't control.
Therefore, choose to shift your focus from the world and what you can't control, to your circle and what you can control. Your space is where you have influence and you can make it as mentally safe as you wish.

3. Become mentally and physically healthy
Since no one is really saying it, let me scream it at you "Please, take care of your mental health!" (I've tried to write this in all in caps but, it seemed a bit aggressive)
But seriously, take the time to take care yourself. We are all struggling right now, and professional help is often either very expensive or inaccessible. We have to take responsibility for our own health. Make sure you get the exercise you need and that you enjoy. And do whatever it takes to boost your immune system, like eating healthy and taking care of your mental health.

4. Be kind
There's this rising trend going on to be hardcore and cutthroat to anyone you don't agree with or like. That is not it. Being that way is not what you should be striving for. Please, be kind and have empathy for other people and yourself. Since true kindness can and will cause a ripple effect in society.

5. Live your life consciously
Many things we do in life are automatic. We are basically unconscious most of the time. When we are conscious, we spend our time thinking and fantasizing about our past or future. Rarely we center ourselves and enjoy the present moment.
But the present moment is all we got. That's what makes life. Take more moments to slow down, because why are we rushing?

6. Read and learn about financial literacy
Not knowing enough about financial literacy will keep you stuck in a certain place and depended on other sources to provide for you. That is no longer an option. And illiteracy is no longer an excuse. There are a bunch of video's, books, podcasts and studies you can access to become more financially literate. Often straight to the point and with the occasional slap in the face, you will become so much more aware of the possibilities and positive sides of money.

7. Use your talents and start a side business
Being and feeling free has a lot to do with being able to provide for yourself whenever necessary. That is why we should all strive to have multiple streams of income.
We all have a set of talents and abilities, we could use to make some extra cash. So work on that and you will thank yourself later. If you don't know what your talents are, invest time in finding out.

8. Invest in yourself
Choose at least one project you would love to start. Gaining knowledge and experience is investing in yourself. Here is a reminder that you only have one life. And every day, you are a bit closer to the end. A little bit cryptic, I know, but the reality is that you really cannot afford to not invest in yourself.

9. Pay yourself first
We get and loyally pay our bills every month. But don't forget you owe yourself also for the time you've been at work. Unfortunately, you will probably never be paid your actual worth. Therefore, make sure that you always pay yourself first. Each month, take a set amount for yourself, and place it somewhere you can visibly see it. It will be like your personal treasure chest.
Well, yes, you could also put it in your savings account, but where is the magic in that?

10. The answer you are looking for is "No"
Anything that isn't sitting right with you, only has one answer. This year we're done bending over backwards for others, who don't even really see us. If you don't want to or can't, for whatever reason, the answer is always "No".
And "No" is a full sentence.

11. Make a happiness list
Because we have such busy lives we can go for weeks without doing something for ourselves. That is where the Happiness list comes in. Take the time to make a list of everything that makes you genuinely happy. Now make sure you do at least 2 of them each day. Consciously choose your fun activities for that day, and you will start to notice that you are more often than not in a positive state of mind. Look at you indulging in self-care on a daily basis!

12. Make a memory jar
I've been doing this for a couple of years and it's a personal favorite. First, get yourself a small jar and every time you've had a day or moment worth remembering, write it down with the date, fold it and put it in the jar. At the end of the year you open up all your notes and write them down in a journal. Now you have a valuable memory journal of the highlights of every year.

Well, there it is! A list I'll be working on personally, and is hopefully a source of inspiration to you too. If you have more tips, please leave them in the comments down below.
Have a beautiful last month of the year!

Talk to you soon!

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    Ro-Angely (Friday, 10 December 2021 00:43)

    Ohhh wat heb ik genoten van deze blogpost! Heerlijk hoe alle punten zo waar zijn en zo belangrijk! En ik ga ze zeker gebruiken. En i loveeeee how you talk to us.
    Geen bullcrap, geen rondjes eromheen. Gewoon duidelijk en straight forward!