The 8 types of Love part 1.

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©Annie Spratt


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It’s almost Valentine’s day!


For many, it's a day of romance and for others a day where they feel like they have to make a point of how stupid and pointless it is.

Valentine’s day is the day when love is being celebrated. Only, love cannot be described by just one meaning. 

We can all agree that the love we feel for our partner, isn’t the same as love for our family or friends. Then why is it that we only have one word for love?


Well, in the Greek language there are actually 8 different names by which we can describe love.

I'll share the first 4 with you down below.


Eros - Passionate love


Let’s start with Eros, the name of the Greek God of love. Eros describes an erotic and passion-filled romantic love between people. There is a clear physical attraction between them. And often romantic relationships start out being Eros love. In the first months of a relationship, your person can do no wrong in your eyes. Even though Eros is an important part of a relationship, it can be very addicting.


When the years pass, Eros love will fluctuate, because life happens and that’s completely normal. A lot of people will always try to chase that feeling that Eros love can give you because they believe that’s how love should be all the time. They mistake it as “O, I guess I am not in love anymore” and move on, instead of doing the work and finding ways to incorporate it within their relationship.


Philautia - Love of self


Philautia is the love type that describes self-love and self-compassion. To be able to have a long and healthy relationship, you have to be able to love yourself. We cannot offer what we do not have.

When we love ourselves, we’re able to set healthy boundaries and will not allow anyone to cross them. 

Relationships are hard in general and you need to be able to use your voice to stand up for who you are and what you want.

Someone who loves themselves will take better care of themselves, and will work on improving themselves overall.


If you're not there yet, as most people are, at least make sure that your partner gives you the space and reassurance you need.

If they seem uninterested in your personal growth, then at least love yourself enough to leave.


"There's different kinds of love, darling. Some people you love no matter what. Other people you love if the situation is right. To me the best kind of love is the 'no matter what' kind" - Unknown

Storge - Familial love


Storge is the natural or instinctual affection between people. This is what we call the unconditional love between a parent and their child or the bond between siblings. You can also develop Storge love with people you do not have a bloodline with. Think about your best friend since kindergarten, your beloved pet, or your husband of 20 years. Storge relationships are stable and committed to each other. They also share the same values.


Breaking a bond with someone you have Storge love with, will impact them deeply and may even change them. And it will take a significant time and sincere effort to revive the relationship.


Mania - Obsessive love


Love can also have a dark side to it. Mania is an obsessive type of love that can quickly turn very extreme. People within Mania love relationships would describe it as a rollercoaster. The relationship will mostly be based on control, a lack of trust, and possessive behavior.

Wanting to know everything and feeling like they have the right to be suspicious of everything you do, is not normal behavior.

People with Mania often have a past where they’ve been cheated on and didn't process it well enough. However, it could also be due to a personality disorder like narcissism.


Mania is a dangerous love type, especially at a younger age, since it’s often perceived as them “just being really in love with you”.


Please, remember that you should be able to feel like your own person within any relationship. No amount of "love" should change that. Actually, true love would not want to change that.



Well, there are 4 more types of love that I'll be describing to you soon!*


In the meantime spread love however you can. Tell the people around you how much you care about them, cut the toxic ones out of your life, and on Valentine's day do something nice for yourself!


Talk to you soon!




*Click here for part 2!



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