The 8 types of Love part 2.

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© Annie Prat


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Hi guys!

It took me a while, but I am back to discussing the different love types that exist in our world! Read about the last 4 love types down below.

Ludus - Playful love

Ludus, meaning "game" in Latin, is the flirtatious and no strings attached love type.
It’s part of the beginning stage of a (possible) relationship. Ludus people are often trying to enjoy themselves without specifically committing to one person. Ludus types bounce back quite easily after breakups and have no problem finding new interests.

They are naturally flirty, live in the moment, and tease playfully.
A committed relationship or marriage isn't really for them unless it's the right person.
Within the Ludus type, there are 2 types of people. Those who are honest about their intentions and those who aren't.
Make sure you know where you stand within the relationship.

Pragma - Enduring love

Pragma love is a mature love type that develops over time. Pragma relationships are seen as very secure, because both people within the relationship know exactly what their mutual goals and aspirations are. They have the same values and are both committed to the relationship. When both partners invest equal effort into their relationship, it will remain healthy and stable.

Pragma relationships can be very practical though. It’s not as spontaneous and passion-filled as Eros love, but more like a checklist being checked off. I know that it doesn’t sound very sexy at all, but it gradually happens. When the months pass, it will be clear to you if your partner is the kind of person you need. People who have the same values and life goals tend to be better partners with each other for the long haul.   

"Where there is love, there is life"- Mahatma Gandhi

Philia - Affectionate love

Philia is the love you feel for your friends, extended family, and community members. It's a natural affection you have for the people you've chosen to bond with. Conversation and interaction with them are easy, and there's no physical attraction. They want what's best for the people they care about.
That is why Philia love produces the least pain and the most pleasures.

Agape - Universal love
Agape is a selfless love, often written about in the bible.
It means doing what's best for someone despite your feelings for them. It's the profound concern you have for someone else.
This is why strangers break up fights or wait for a child who's lost their parent. That´s why people help injured animals or volunteer during wars and natural disasters.
It's a universal love that automatically moves you into action to help someone, without expecting anything in return.

We all have something that we would do for a stranger, without even thinking about it.
Meaning we are all sources of love.

As you can see we are all sources of love that add to someone else's life. From our partners all the way up to complete strangers. I hope that you know that you're wanted and needed in this world. We often feel like we are insignificant beings, but we have a great impact. The way your love affects the people around you truly matters.

Talk to you soon!




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