The 8 types of Love part 2.
Beloved聽路聽April 05, 2022
馃暁: 3 minutes Hi guys! It took me a while, but I am back to discussing the different love types that exist in our world! Read about the last 4 love types down below. Ludus - Playful love Ludus, meaning "game" in Latin, is the flirtatious and no strings attached love type. It鈥檚 part of the beginning stage of a (possible) relationship. Ludus people are often trying to enjoy themselves without specifically committing to one person. Ludus types bounce back quite easily after breakups and have...

The 8 types of Love part 1.
Beloved聽路聽February 13, 2022
It鈥檚 almost Valentine鈥檚 day! For many, it's a day of romance and for others a day where they feel like they have to make a point of how stupid and pointless it is. Valentine鈥檚 day is the day when love is being celebrated. Only, love cannot be described by just one meaning. We can all agree that the love we feel for our partner, isn鈥檛 the same as love for our family or friends. Then why is it that we only have one word for love?

Connecting to your older self
Spirit聽路聽February 05, 2022
We are living in the era of being and becoming more self-aware. We spend time working on healing from our trauma, bonding with our inner child, concurring our inner critic, and much more. But why is it that we are never really focused on our older selves?

12 ways to make the most out of the new year
Alive聽路聽December 09, 2021
Finally, we've entered the last month of this year. We had a long year of battling disease, each other, ourselves and high levels of anxiety. Now that 2022 is knocking at our door, the anxiety about what that year is going to be like, can be overwhelming. As someone who strongly dislikes New years, I've made a list that hopefully sparks hope and excitement for the new year.

I Am An Emotional Eater
Alive聽路聽October 23, 2021
I am an emotional eater. This means that what I eat and how much I eat really depends on how I'm feeling. I always kinda knew, but never really did anything about it. My excuse? "Don't we all need to eat? "

The Inner Child
Spirit聽路聽October 16, 2021
A series of events that happened that week, triggered all the pain I had inside, to rush back up again. Normally I could control it with knowledge and logic, but this time I was completely overwhelmed, lost my inner control, and let the child in me rage. To shield the people I love from the verbal assault she was spewing inside, I blocked myself off completely and went into a silent state.

The Insanity Of Humanity
Spirit聽路聽October 01, 2021
We are living in times where it's easy to be swept away by our emotions and those of other people. Everyone seems to be outraged about something and relationships are being torn apart over personal opinions. The horrible part is that everyone thinks they are acting that way, from the goodness of their heart. But how good of a person are you, if you're hateful towards someone else?

The Toxic Family Member
Beloved聽路聽April 30, 2021
馃晵Reading time: 4 minutes. 鈿狅笍Trigger warning: sexual abuse is mentioned. During life we quit a lot things. We walk away from jobs that no longer suit us, friends that turn out to be enemies, dead-end relationships and so on. But somehow we are conditioned to let certain toxic family members stay in our lives, while we do our best to accept them and everything that comes with them. But when is it necessary to end the relationship?

Beloved聽路聽January 04, 2021
Reading time: 3 minutes 5 young women I am blessed to have 5 younger sisters. And even though I only grew up with one, I have always felt a connection with all of them. I remember being 8 years old and seeing my sister I grew up with for the first time, laying in her tiny crib. I remember being so excited for my mother to arrive at my school with my new baby sister, so I could show her to all my classmates. I was so proud to be an older sister and ever since then, I felt responsible. But there...

Alive聽路聽November 16, 2020
Reading time: 4 minutes I went through one of the hardest periods of my life while being in a brand new relationship. I was convinced we wouldn't last, yet here we are 2,5 years later. As always, I was wrong While my life was spinning out of my control I was in a new relationship. I didn't have time to be high on oxytocin -the chemical in your brain that makes you fall in love- instead I had to deal with the harsh reality that I was going down and possibly taking someone else with me. I've...

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