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Connecting to your older self
Spirit · February 05, 2022
We are living in the era of being and becoming more self-aware. We spend time working on healing from our trauma, bonding with our inner child, concurring our inner critic, and much more. But why is it that we are never really focused on our older selves?

Beloved · September 14, 2020
I often feel like I am not being heard by the people I actually want to hear me. Sometimes I get shut down before finishing my sentence or someone just blurres out "well, that's not true," while I'm still speaking. Well how would you know, if you won't even let me talk? I think to myself. I'm not confrontational at all so I often let it slide, until I realized that this was actually very toxic to me. I will let it slide when I don't know or care for the person, but when someone you actually...