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The 8 types of Love part 1.
Beloved · February 13, 2022
It’s almost Valentine’s day! For many, it's a day of romance and for others a day where they feel like they have to make a point of how stupid and pointless it is. Valentine’s day is the day when love is being celebrated. Only, love cannot be described by just one meaning. We can all agree that the love we feel for our partner, isn’t the same as love for our family or friends. Then why is it that we only have one word for love?

The Inner Child
Spirit · October 16, 2021
A series of events that happened that week, triggered all the pain I had inside, to rush back up again. Normally I could control it with knowledge and logic, but this time I was completely overwhelmed, lost my inner control, and let the child in me rage. To shield the people I love from the verbal assault she was spewing inside, I blocked myself off completely and went into a silent state.

The Toxic Family Member
Beloved · April 30, 2021
🕒Reading time: 4 minutes. ⚠️Trigger warning: sexual abuse is mentioned. During life we quit a lot things. We walk away from jobs that no longer suit us, friends that turn out to be enemies, dead-end relationships and so on. But somehow we are conditioned to let certain toxic family members stay in our lives, while we do our best to accept them and everything that comes with them. But when is it necessary to end the relationship?

Beloved · September 14, 2020
I often feel like I am not being heard by the people I actually want to hear me. Sometimes I get shut down before finishing my sentence or someone just blurres out "well, that's not true," while I'm still speaking. Well how would you know, if you won't even let me talk? I think to myself. I'm not confrontational at all so I often let it slide, until I realized that this was actually very toxic to me. I will let it slide when I don't know or care for the person, but when someone you actually...