Connecting to your older self
Spirit · February 05, 2022
We are living in the era of being and becoming more self-aware. We spend time working on healing from our trauma, bonding with our inner child, concurring our inner critic, and much more. But why is it that we are never really focused on our older selves?

The Inner Child
Spirit · October 16, 2021
A series of events that happened that week, triggered all the pain I had inside, to rush back up again. Normally I could control it with knowledge and logic, but this time I was completely overwhelmed, lost my inner control, and let the child in me rage. To shield the people I love from the verbal assault she was spewing inside, I blocked myself off completely and went into a silent state.

The Insanity Of Humanity
Spirit · October 01, 2021
We are living in times where it's easy to be swept away by our emotions and those of other people. Everyone seems to be outraged about something and relationships are being torn apart over personal opinions. The horrible part is that everyone thinks they are acting that way, from the goodness of their heart. But how good of a person are you, if you're hateful towards someone else?

Spirit · October 28, 2020
I remember being extremely anxious at the beginning of this year. Even though I was never really a fan of celebrating a new year I knew nothing about, this one just felt different. It's 8 months later and we are currently living in one hell of a year. Most of us have been ripped from our normal lives and are faced with unnatural living conditions. We now know from personal experience that freedom is something that can be taken away in a snap. The illusion of being secure doesn't exist in 2020...