"God, I hate the way my own name sounds"


Invisible and not important enough to be a consistent factor in their life
But the first they run to with their greedy hands
Afterwards you leave me
And it feels like I've been stabbed with a knife
What kind of person does that and believes that our relationship still stands?

You leave
For weeks, months, even years on end
I understand everyone has their own life
But not even a text?
But you are never gone for long, no
You will always return when you need something, won't you?

I think I loved it at first
Being able to give
It gave me a sense of pride
But not anymore, I can't keep doing this
And like everytime, you leave me behind
So I'm asking you again
Because there's nothing left in me
Do you have any idea how hard life is without your demands?

I hear my name being shouted
You promise to put in more effort this time
Do you think that my heart is some kind of playground?
But are you even worthy of mine
God, I hate the way my own name sounds.

Why do I keep falling for you tricks
I used to be so wise
What is it this time?
Do you suddenly care?
O, you need something, what a damn surprise

You know what? Fine
I'll accept you and your greed
Please close your eyes
And open your hands
so I can give you this
A nice big fuck you and your needs

"But they never mention how brutal it is"

I feel like I'm losing everyone
I find myself heartbroken over lost friendships
Making decisions to end some
The words can barely pass my lips
But it's something I have to overcome
We need to end this

All these quotes telling us that people are seasonal
But they never mention how brutal it is
It really is over
It feels so unbelievable
But it's the old you I miss

It felt like I was struck by lightening
When I realized we don't fit anymore
Being alone is so frightening
But the problem is too big to ignore

I can't be associated with people who disregard feelings
When I talk and write about them everyday
I love you, but I'm leaving
Even though I wish I could stay

You become like the people you surround yourself with
And I cannot afford to become like them
Friendships lasting forever seems like a myth
But sometimes you find someone who's a true gem

They might want another chance
And it's easier to ignore the parts you don't want to see
But eventually it will rub off on you
So you have to love them from a distance
And set them free

It hurts, that's true
But friendship shouldn't feel like a chore
It's a two-way street
You realize that they are not your kind of people anymore
They are not what you need

But wait
There are some who will grow with you
And become your soulmate
Talking to them feels so naturally
And before you know it
You will see them as family
I know, I can relate

After all those years
We are strangers again
Maybe one day we could be friends
And while I fight my tears
I will hold you in my heart until then