“There is a science to relationships. And if you learn the science, not only can you have the kind of relationship that you want. You can control the intensity of it. You can control the duration of it. You can control the quality of it. There is a science to everything”



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  • wife,
  • mother,
  • licensed therapist
  • author
  • motivational speaker
  • media personality,
  • owner and clinical director of mental health group practice T2S Enterprises


About Spirit

Spirit is the physical manifestation of doing it all. She is a licensed expert within different fields like general psychology, relationships, and mental health, but she’s also a loving wife and present mother of 7.

She’s been on different tv shows to give advice and support couples in their journey. You might recognize her from shows like Dr. Phil, The Steve Harvey Show and she’s currently on Love goals. Nowadays she is giving free advice on Fridays, which you can view on her social media channels and she has her own mental health group practice called Talk to Spirit enterprises.

I would really recommend watching one of the live videos of Spirit so that you can really experience her in her craft.


Her teachings

She is very knowledgeable in the science of the human brain and physical biology. Spirit gives straightforward advice and teaches us that most relationship problems that you have, can be traced back to your childhood. She teaches people that therapy is a lifestyle and should not be a one-time thing, because you’re constantly evolving.

Ever since childhood, you’ve had to deal with difficulties and trauma, and you’ve developed ways to (destructively) deal with it or ignore it. Knowing that life will always be filled with adversity, therapy should be actually used as a preventive option. So that you know how to release and heal from the pain and have better responses and coping mechanisms in the future.


She wants to show the world what therapy can do when it's applied to your life, to love, and to healing. Because when you heal your mind, it’s the last stronghold the world has on us.


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