Tracy McMillan

"Lean into who you are, because who you are is perfect for whatever dream is on your heart"

©Tracy McMillan
©Tracy McMillan

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  • Mother of a son
  • Television writer
  • Producer
  • Television host
  • Best-selling author
  • Relationship expert




About Tracy

Tracy McMillan is a television writer, producer, author, and currently the host of 'Family or Fiancé' on the OWN network.

From the beginning of her life, she had the odds stacked against her. Because her parents were criminals, she was sent to foster care at just 3 months old.

When she grew up, she tried to fill the void of not belonging and got married and divorced 3 times during her adult life. When she figured out that the most important love relationship she should have in life was with herself, everything changed.



She worked behind the scenes in journalism for 16 years, before approaching someone from her past and going after her dream to become a television writer. From day one she was very honest about where she came from and talked about it without shame. After a piece she wrote for the Huffington Post went viral, her career really took off. Tracy has written many best-selling books since then, had a successful TED-talk, and appeared on multiple talk shows.


Her teachings

Tracy is a self-taught relationship expert. Because she had 3 failed marriages in the past, she knows what mistakes to look out for. You can only learn from failure. That's why she proudly speaks about her own experiences. Being open, honest, and very hard working, got her the success she has now. She has a very calming and nonjudgmental aura around her, which many of her clients experience as pleasant and safe.



If you would like to have a better connection within your relationships with your loved ones or yourself, Tracy McMillan is definitely someone who you could look up to.


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