Dwayne Johnson

"Depression never discriminates. Took me a long time to realize it, but the key is to not be afraid to open up" - Dwayne Johnson

©Dwayne Johnson
©Dwayne Johnson

Date of birth

May 2nd 1972


Hayward, California


Mental health, self-development


  • Loving husband
  • Father of 3 daughters
  • 3rd generation professional wrestler
  • Actor
  • Founder and CEO Seven bucks companies


Dwayne Johnson grew up as the only son of a black father and a Samoan mother. His father and grandfather were both professional wrestlers.
Dwayne used to be woken up at 5 am with his father so he could go to the gym with him. There he would watch his father work out and that would be their quality time together.

When he was in his twenties, he was a professional football player. He worked hard to become an NFL player, but ended up not being drafted. He always wanted to buy a house for his mother, but seeing that opportunity slip through his fingers was so painful that he ended up in a deep depression.
At the time he didn't know how to get out of it. He was taught that showing his emotions wasn't masculine, and since childhood, he kept his feelings bottled inside.
Eventually he got through it by opening up and getting therapy. He now encourages people, especially men, to find at least one person to talk to. Nobody should have to go through depression by themselves.

Currently Dwayne is the highest paid actor in the world. How did he accomplish this? By being authentically himself, he said. In the beginning of his acting career in the early 2000's, he tried to conform to the norm of a standard actor. But he only became popular and wanted by being himself and working as much as possible.


His teachings

Dwayne teaches us that having anchors are very important in life. Anchors are ways that bring you back to yourself, they ground you and give you energy.
For him, these are gratitude for what he has and is able to do.
Remembering where he came from. He even named his company "7 bucks", because that was all he had at one point.
And of course working out early in the morning, because it helps him to clear his mind and make important decisions without the influence of other people.

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