Eckhart Tolle

"When you feel confused or burdened by your problems focus on this instant and ask yourself: what problem do I have right now? You will find that there is no problem now. A challenge that requires action, possibly, but not a problem"

©Eckhart Tolle
©Eckhart Tolle

Date of birth: 16 februari 1948


From: born in Germany



Self-awareness, mental health



Husband, spiritual teacher, author.



Eckhart was born in Germany. As a child he witnessed his parents fighting a lot and that created a pain body within him.

He became very depressed and eventually even suicidal. When he was about to end his own life, he told himself that he could not live with himself. When he told himself that, he realised that he could watch that specific thought from a distance. What would mean that there were 2 of him. "Who is the self I cannot live with and who am I?"


He figured out the difference between the egoic self and his true form. That was his breakthrough and his pain body dissolved. The road towards healing started and he began his research within self-awareness and so much more.



Eckhart teaches self-awareness, awakening and spirituality. He is teaching about matters beyond conceptual thinking, since we as humans are still evolving. He teaches that there is no point to living in the past of present, because that only brings about suffering. There is only now.


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