Justin Davis

"Our parents did the best they could. It wasn't enough and that's okay, because we got it from here"

©Justin Davis
©Justin Davis

Category: Self- Awareness



• A dedicated father

• A loving husband

• A caring son

• An authentic friend

• An international model

• Relationship - Self help consultant

• The creator and host of Who can relate, the podcast

• Co-host of the "Enjoy the podcast" show


About Justin

Justin Davis or JD for short, is the creator and host of an amazing and needed show called "Who can Relate". "Who can relate" is a podcast show on YouTube, Spotify and Apple podcasts, that focusses on experiences around adversity, vulnerability and self love. He's also a co-host on Enjoy the podcast.

Even though both of his shows are rapidly growing, he always takes time to express his gratitude towards his guests, co-hosts and audience.


He's a father to a beautiful teenage daughter and happily married to the love of his life.

Also, you might have seen him before in multiple fashion ads since he has an extensive career as an international model.


JD is authentically himself, very aware of his flaws but consciously and consistently working on them. He is a big advocate for going to therapy.

If you might be in need of some personal advice, JD also offers consultations One-on-One and/or with his wife.


His teachings

JD shows himself being vulnerable and shares his personal stories with us, so that other people can feel heard and learn from his past mistakes and decisions.

He definitely has his own opinion, but is able to listen with intention to someone else's.


We can all relate to him. And through him, with each other. We will be able to understand our parents better, learn to communicate better with our partners and become better people overall.


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You can reach JD and his many services here.