Simon Sinek

"It's the spirit of generosity. If we are willing to give to the person next to us, it's amazing what they are willing to give back to us"

©Andrew Dolgin
©Andrew Dolgin

Date of birth
9 october 1973

Wimbledon, England

Public speaker, author and leadership expert

More than 10 years ago, Simon was running a very succesful business. But he lost his passion for the business along the way and started dreading waking up to go to work.
He decided to make an effort to find the reason. He knew what he was doing and how to do it very well, but didn't know why he was doing it.
With help of a close friend, he found his Why. The reason behind everything he does.
He developed the golden cirkel- method. Which you can use to figure out what your passions and desires are.
In 2009 he wrote the best-seller book "start with why" and that's when his career really took off.

Over the years, he researched and discovered some remarkable patterns about how people think, act and communicate, especially within the culture of companies. He's devoted his life to sharing his way of thinking in order to help other leaders and their organizations.

Simon believes that working together brings about greater things. He believes in human nature and human interaction. And that you can only be fulfilled, when you are genuinely doing something for someone else.

"When you surround yourself with people who believe what you believe, a bond of trust forms. And we are more confident to take risks because we know someone has our back" -Simon Sinek.


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