"I have standards I don't plan on lowering for anybody, including myself"

© Zendaya
© Zendaya

Self-awareness, self-development

She began her career as a childmodel and performed as a dancer in a dance group and commercials.
Later in life she acted in different tv shows for the Disney-channel, and made her own music.

Zendaya is an artist who's very versatile.
And as her popularity increases, we all could imagine how difficult it could be to remain true to yourself.
But her parents have instilled important values within her.
Instead of trying to shake her "Disney" image. She realizes that she is a rolmodel to young people all over the world, and accepts this responsibility. She shows it through the way she carries herself. She chooses to not curse in her songs. And the way she dresses herself and wears her hair, makes young girls feel like they could relate to her.
Zendaya is constantly showcasing honesty and true self love.

She really advocates having your own voice and doing whatever makes you happy. To not lose focus when other people try to convince you otherwise, but to make your own decisions regardless.
Never sacrifice something that's important to you and always listen to your gut feeling. And when in doubt, take your time to find the right pace again.

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