Lisa Nichols

"I only got one life and I will ride this one until the wheels fall off"

© Lisa Nichols
© Lisa Nichols

Date of birth
12 juli 1969
Brooklyn, New York
Motivational speaker, entrepeneur and author 


Over 20 years ago, Lisa hit rockbottom. She had less than 12 dollars on her bank account. While she had to take care of her young son, who's father was in jail. When her doctor diagnosed her with clinical depression, she knew she had to make a change.
Knowing her son was at risk of eventually ending up in prison like his father, she knew she could not let that happen.
So Lisa decided to take responsibility of her own life.
That meant cutting people off who struggled just like her, but were contempt being right in that spot. She acknowledged that she'd lost who's she really was, and used daily affirmations as a way to motivate herself again. And she started to educate herself.

Lisa went to 1 specific conference, 42 times until she understood the terms they were using. And in that same place she raised enough money to start her business.

Today she speaks and educates people on how to get through their own struggles and how to survive the fear of chasing what you want. She has written 6 books on subjects like weight and money issues. And she's capable to explain everything on such a level everyone can understand.

Be authentic and transparent to yourself, and when someone tries to put a label on you tell them not to define you by your circumstances, but to define you through your intensions and actions.
Be willing to walk alone and leave people behind who refuse to grow with you. Don't be worry about being liked. Worry about yourself first, so you can help them later.

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