Robert Downey jr.

"The more often you can do things you might get a 'no' for and that you have to put yourself up and face potential ridicule, the better"

©Robert Downey jr.
©Robert Downey jr.

Date of birth
april 4th, 1965

Manhattan, New York City






- Loving husband
- Father
- Actor

- Producer

- Co-founder of entertainment company "Team Downey"

- Founder of Footprint coalition


To the current generation he is most known for his epic role as Iron man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Robert Downey jr has been an actor since the age of 5 and has starred in many movies since then.

He lives with his wife Susan and they have 2 children. Robert also has an older son from a previous marriage.
When asked what attracted him to Susan he answerd that she didn't treat him like a child or catered to all his needs. They both know about eachothers imperfections and still choose to be together.

As happens to many people, Robert had his problems with drug and alcohol abuse. After extensive treatment he has remained sober since 2003. Robert himself has been very transparant about his past and has no problem talking about it, if notified upfront. But if you try and interrogate him about his passed unwillingly, he will call you out and eventually even walk out of the interview.

Even though he is confident and can seem a bit cocky at times, he does apply an important rule to himself. "I am not the character I portray". Remembering this while everyone else sees him as 'Iron man', keeps him grounded.

Robert advices to go after your dreams and not be afraid to fail.
Also do not be ashamed of your past and be confident in who you are.

To survive in Hollywood and frankly anywhere else, you have to have people skills. So learn about people and their body language and they won't be able to catch you off guard.

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