What it feels like

"From the outside nothing may seem wrong, but from the inside we're fighting battles no one seems to understand."

What it feels like is a series about recognition and understanding mental health issues and emotional disorders. Unfortunately, mental health issues are at an all time high in current days and the numbers are still rising.
When going through mental health issues, we don't always know how to express our feelings into words.
To be able to explain the issues that trouble us, I will do my best to write it out as much as possible.
Because if we feel like no one understands us, we will continue to suffer in silence.

It can be hard for someone who doesn't have mental health issues, to have empathy or connect with someone who has. Ignoring the issue definitely won't magically solve them. And dropping them off on a psychologists doorstep isn't the only thing you can do.
What it feels like will give you an insight into what mental pain really is on a physical, mental and emotional level. Please feel free to educate yourself on the issues of your loved ones. So that you can be a supportive ally in their lives while they are fighting their battles with mental health.

© Claudia Soraya
© Claudia Soraya

This series can support you in finding the words to describe your own situation to your loved ones.
But will also hopefully help to understand yourself better.
My wish is that mental health will be more openly discussed among loved ones. And that you become more compassionate with yourself.
Important to know is that with each of the subjects, the longer you wait to get help, the harder it will get. You might even develop more mental health issues or heart disease over time.
That is why it's so important to be able to communicate with your loved ones. We do not have to suffer in silence and fight our battles alone.
We are only on earth for a short time. And everyone deserves to live a life of quality.

As always, these experiences are written from only one point of view. So please feel free to add your own experiences within the comment section down below.

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