What anxiety disorder feels like




Anxiety is the normal way your body responds when you feel stress or fear. It helps you get into a state of alertness to get out of a situation safely. But if you consistently have anxiety when there isn't a clear threat to you, you might have an anxiety disorder. It means that your body has trouble regulating it's fear responses and you get random shots of adrenaline, which put you on high alert, even when it isn't necessary.

Having anxiety is one of the most paralyzing mental health disorders you could have.



The causes of anxiety disorder

• Hormonal imbalance

• Extensive periods of stress and pressure

• Having (childhood)trauma or PTSD

• Having OCD or phobia

• Medical factors like going through birth or major surgery

• Genetics


Physically it feels like

• Restless and shaking hands and/or feet. It feels like a rush of energy is trying to leave your body, but is unable to

• Heaviness in your chest when you are laying down. Or heaviness on your back and shoulders when you're standing or walking

• It feels like your heart is beating very fast while you're breathing rapidly

• Having trouble sleeping through the night



" This is one of the most frustrating things about an anxiety disorder; knowing you're freaking out, that there's no reason to be freaked out, but lacking the emotion to shut it down" - Unknown

Emotionally it feels like

• The feeling comes up suddenly, or you wake up with it

• You feel overwhelmed

• You are easily irritated

• You feel like something is wrong and are constantly worried

• Suddenly feeling the urge to cry


Mentally it feels like

• Mentally you feel like there is no space for anything extra. A fun date or a day out with friends, quickly becomes too much to handle

• You have trouble concentrating on your current tasks

• You really want to physically escape your situation

• You are searching for the reason of why you are anxious

When anxiety is left untreated, you could develop panic attacks, depression, burn-out or even heart disease over time.

It's such an exhausting and unhealthy state for your body to be in.


So if you have anxiety, please take it seriously. There are numerous medical and holistic ways that could help you.

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