"We are spirits having a physical experience" - Hindz


Spirituality, self-awareness, mental health, self-development



To promote self-love and stimulate people to become the best versions of themselves and live life to the fullest.



YouTube, TikTok, Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify podcast




Hindz is a YouTube channel created by an amazing artist who calls himself Hindz, as in " in Hindsight".

Right away you will notice that he isn't the standard "Hey guys! Welcome to a new video!" Youtuber.

He doesn't fit into one category, because he discusses so many different life topics. It's totally random, but all very necessary in current times. He seems to be very in tuned to knowing exactly what is needed.


This YouTube channel is an experience. It's not meant to be quickly watched in-between, but is best experienced in the morning as part of your routine or when you are winding down at night.


Hindz has contagious energy. He can make you resonate with his message simply by speaking calmly. When he gives advice, he always shares his own experiences.

He is very spiritually inclined, advocates for therapy and eats organic.


Unique factor

Hindz has the ability to make his viewers feel like they're talking to a well-balanced and non-judgmental friend. He has a soft spoken voice, uses hand gestures and even pours a cup of tea for you, as if you're sitting right across from him in his kitchen. He also addresses his viewers as friends, making every video feel much more personal. He is and feels authentic.


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