The Honest Guys

"Our ethos is to be as all-inclusive and as neutral as possible. We have no religious or any other affiliations and we try to keep the majority of our meditations suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender, culture or belief.” – The Honest Guys


Self-Awareness, mental health



Helping people by offering most of their productions for free, so that anyone can access it.



YouTube, Spotify



The Honest Guys have been making high-quality guided meditations and visualizations on YouTube for over 11 years now. The videos can help you relieve stress and anxiety, sleep better, and improve your (mental) health and well-being.

Their productions are very diverse in content and length so that anyone can find a video that fits their current situation. At the heart of the Honest Guys channel, there are three amazingly creative individuals. Rick Clarke, the Voice, Sîan Lloyd- Pennel, the scriptwriter, and Kevin Brown, the producer. They’ve all had experiences with mental and/or physical suffering and made it their mission to help other people through their troubles. Even though every video is a unique experience, you find a feeling of comfort when listening to the familiar and calming voice of Rick Clarke.

They also make beautiful fantasy meditations and visualizations that will transport you to a completely different world where you can mentally relax for a bit. Almost all of their productions are freely available on YouTube, but you can also download their music and video’s for a small price, by accessing their website.


Unique factor

Their uniqueness is in the ability to make every single video into a complete experience. It's the voice, the background music, the story and the visuals. Everything works fluently together and creates a space for you where you can have a valuable moment to yourself. I would highly recommend you try a few of their videos. I've linked my personal favorite down below.


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