Who can Relate?

"Vulnerability is not the path to weakness, in fact, it's actually the path to victory. To help build stronger bonds that will help all the relationships in your life." - Justin Davis


Self- awareness, self-development, mental health and relationships



A show about people discovering their higher selves through adversity, vulnerability and self-love.



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Justin Davis is the creator and host of Who can relate. Every week there's a new video on a different topic of which many of us can relate to. Who can relate can also be listened to as a podcast on Spotify and Apple podcasts.


Justin has monthly conversations with his wife, where they discuss everything that comes before and after marriage. He also has other guests and family members weekly join him in a lengthy conversation.

A diverse group of guests had already been at the show discussing various subjects in the realm of spirituality, self-care, self-awareness, self-development and relationships.

So if you're open to learning more about yourself, through the experiences of other people, Who can relate could be a great addition to your watch list.


Unique factor

It's in the way JD goes about showing gratitude and admiration towards his guests. He really takes his time learning about his guests and what they're passionate about, and respectfully adds to the conversation.

He isn't afraid to dive deep within a certain subject. And you can often read within the comment section that people can relate to the same situations and experiences.


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